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We exhibited in our very first art and craft show in 1975 in Westwood, CA. Over the last 43 years we participated in hundreds of festivals all over the US, won numerous awards and ribbons, met and made friends with very talented people, witnessed many transformations of art and craft folks, heard and danced to incredible music, saw our children play, grow up and enjoy the fairs circuit atmosphere, and traveled to some incredibly beautiful places.

The years have caught up with us so camping out and sleeping in the van happens less frequently, but we still partake in fewer in numbers but better in quality festivals. Here is a list of some we did last year and others we plan to participate this year, if accepted. Hope to see you at one of them--it is definitely worth visiting them.

2018 Schedule

May 25-28, 2018. Norhtwest Folklife Festival

Jun 2-3, 2018. 57th Street Art Fair

Jun 15-17, 2018. Edmonds Arts Festival

Jun 15-17, 2018. Strawberry Days Festival

Jun 30-Jul 1, 2018. Colorado Springs Art & Music Festival

Jul 7-8, 2018. Lakeshore Art Festival 2018

Jul 12-15, 2018. Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

Aug 3-5, 2018. Crested Butte Arts Festival

Aug 10-12, 2018. Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival

Aug 10-12, 2018. Art Fair Jackson Hole August

Aug 25-26, 2018. Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

Aug 31-Sep 2, 2018. Longs Park Art Festival

Sep 15-16, 2018. Mill Valley Festival of the Arts

Oct 13-14, 2018. Half Moon Bay Arts Festival

Dec 15-16, 20178. KPFA

2017 Schedule with Brief Commentary

Mar 31-Apr 2, 2017. Art City Austin Festival. First time for us without many expectations. Not strong in sales but fun city to visit. A very gusty storm glosed the show for couple of hours on Sunday. Only few tents upended!

Apr 21-23, 2017. Lubbock Art Festival. Another first and probably last for us--not our crowd.

Apr 22-23, 2017. Wimberley Arts Festival. Part of our Texas April tour. Great location: park-like setting next to a river, but not fantastic in sales. Most likely will not return.

May 6-7, 2017. Cottonwood Art Festival. The best of the five Texas shows with this for the firstime. Great organization but lousy spot: facing the hot sun the whole three days. It affected sales of our wool blankets. They could have placed us at one of the many shady spots. Oh well.

May 12-14, 2017. Allen Arts Festival. One of the worst shows in sales in a long time. Nice brook nearby, good restaurants but hardly any sales. Not coming back.

May 18-21, 2017. Tulsa International Mayfest. Another first for us.The weather was an issue. Slow in sales.

May 26-29, 2017. Norhtwest Folklife Festival.Our hometown festival in Seattle is a fantastic celebration of all: arts, crafts, music, dance, food, performances, ... My girls with lots of help pulled it off again, even though they were a bit under the weather. A must for art/music/dance lovers.

May 27-29, 2017. Artfest of Greater Harrisburg. Continuing with a tour across USA, wee ended up in a surprising good show in Harrisburg. Next to the river, under a shade, appreciative crowd. Wish I could come back (in conflict with school).

June 2-4, 2017. Cincinnati Summerfair.Coming back after almost 3 decades to well organized big show. REsponsive to shade request but too hot for great sales. Great visit with LA friends however.

June 9-11, 2017. Omaha Summer Arts Festival. Friday was shot due to a huge storm--fortunately we had our booth tied to huge water barrels! Began to wonder what in the world I was doing there.

June 17-18, 2017. Gold Coast Art Fair. Smack in downtown Chicago. Loved all the musuems--the best part of doing the show. The worst: very high booth fees, low sales and $50 parting fees per day! Never again. She is flooding Chicago with too many expensive shows.

Jun 16-18, 2017. Edmonds Arts Festival.Another local show for us. Well juried and attended. Easy for us and fun for the girls.

Jun 22-25, 2017. Utah Arts Festival. Large, 4-days show with unusual hours: noon until 11pm. But given the heat, it works. The girls did it and liked it.

June 23-25, 2017. Boston Mills Artfest. Another first for us but total flop:baked on the heat. You have to be inside the large tents to have a chance but the crowd was not there. Will not come back.

Jul 1-3, 2017. Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Another first show for us. High expectation due to its reputation and high fees fell flat. Lousy location but great music. Good organization but need to honor requests for shade.

Jul 8-9, 2017. Corn Hill Arts Festival. Cme back for a second year. The neighborhood is very much involved and supportive of the fair. Many volunteers make the show more enjoyable. Not a super show in sales and could improve jurying.

Jul 14-17, 2017. Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. Great show although large and spread out. Super organization that knows how to put a great show and super dinner for the artists--bravo!

Aug 4-6, 2017. Park City Arts Festival Returning after many years. Good show with a great organization that has it down. On a sloping street in a touristy ski-resort town.

Aug 4-6, 2017. Crested Butte Arts Festival. Last year was not a fluke super year--we repeated again! It is a beautiful place to visit in the Rockies. Great show too, well organized with prizes. Super crowd.

Aug 11-13, 2017. Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival. Missed a favorite show (Ridgeway) to return after many years, but well worthed coming back. Used to bring the whole family and camp at the lakes--lots of history and fun with this show. And reconnected with a great artist after 25 years! What a life!

Aug 26-27, 2017. Palo Alto Festival of the Arts. On University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto (great restaurants!). Super variety of great artists. We have done this show for many years and will continue to do so.

Sep 1-3, 2017 .Longs Park Arts Festival. Came back for a second year and loved it again: beautifully located in a gorgeous park, large crowd, great sales, and hosted by a patron. But the way they treat the artists is remarkable: food galore (two scrumptious dinners, super breakfast) and willing volunteers--all promoters should learn from these folks! Great show despite the funny poles sticking inside your booth!

Sep 8-10, 2017. Boise Art in the Park. Held in a beautiful park. Great organization and a good cause for the BAM. High commission makes a sizable dent on sales however.

Sep 16-17, 2017. Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival. Nestled in the woods the atmosphere is as though one is camping in the forest. Don't forget to bring the shims and watering can! The library book sale is always a hit for us.

Oct 14-15, 2017. Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. Best pumpkin pies, hands down. We have done this show also for years and will continue to do so. More and more large beer crowd in recent years however.

Dec 16-17, 2017. KPFA.Great way to end the season with some incredible folks. Worth doing it just for supporting the station alone.

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